Tough Love!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

“Where have you been?” You may ask. (and by ‘you’ I mean all three of my readers one of which is my mother)

Well, nearest and dearest, I’ve recently been backpacking around South America for three and a half months! It was amazing. It blew my mind and exceeded any expectations I had of that amazing part of the world.


Why didn’t I blog about it? Well I had every intention of blogging! I even have some drafts I wrote up but never posted. They’re trash because I was usually a few Malbecs deep in Argentina. However I wanted to be fully and totally present as I gypsied around South America and felt that blogging every moment wasn’t going to allow me to do that.

I’m not a travel blogger, I wouldn’t even say i’m a blogger period! I just sort of ferociously hit the keyboard of my laptop when ever I have an idea that I am passionate about and can stay focussed on long enough to write about it! That usually happens at around 3am when my brain decides it’s a good time to question the meaning of life.

So all that being said, I didn’t blog about my recent travels. I journaled about it every day, I approached with mindfulness and took photos for me of things that blew my mind. I travelled, ate, drank, hiked, camped, loved, lived, hitch hiked (sorry, Mum), swam, surfed, practiced, taught and learnt. I finished up my trip in Central America, in Nicaragua with the wonderful Julia Gavin assisting on a 200hr YTT at Los Clavos Surf & Yoga Camp. What an incredible experience. What an Incredible three and a half months.

I’ve finally set my backpack down at home (at least for a little while ;)) back in my country town of Boorowa NSW. And you better believe we’re starting back with our yoga classes!!! I’ve branched out to a neighbouring town to offer a couple of classes there as well, as well as to teach different people with different needs. I’m pumped. I’m refreshed. I’ve got loads of new ideas, postures, music, knowledge and flows that I cannot WAIT to share. I even started up an instagram again (I know- i’m so hip) so that I can sell myself a little more as a yoga teacher! It’s a competitive world out there! Ironically in the world of yoga where we’re supposed to practice Aparigraha and Santosha! Which we do…but it’s also 2019…

This is the where the tough love portion of my rambles comes centre stage. It’s a new year. You’ve probably joined a gym, or subscribed to an app or two, started a diet or a resolution. No. More. Excuses.

If you want to start yoga START TODAY. Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not when you’ve lost 3kgs. Not when you’ve bought a new mat or new work out gear. Not when you feel ‘ready’. NOW.

My classes are open to all. We know this by now. The rest is up to you. I can’t drag you by the tights into my classes (i’ve looked into it and it’s against code of conduct) So if you’ve been umming and ahhhing about whether or not to start practicing just come. Try it.

I say try four classes and then decide if it’s for you or not. I won’t be offended if you don’t like yoga or even if you don’t like me! Stop being so hard on yourself, turn up and try it.

Check out the schedule and details here and I’ll see you on the mat.

Love & Light, Claire.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”- Walt Disney.

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